Evry Campus Ambassador Program

Become an Evry Jewels Campus Ambassador

If you attend a university and want to spread your love of Evry Jewels, then we want to collaborate with you! As a campus ambassador, you'll get access to special discounts, offers and many exclusive perks.

The Perks


How it Works

As a campus ambassador, you will receive your own unique 50% off sitewide discount code to share with friends on your campus and on your social media platforms. Share your unique discount code to earn $$$, receive FREE jewelry, and so much more. THE MORE YOU SHARE, THE MORE YOU EARN!

Earning Bonuses

If you make $2,500 or more in sales in a quarter, we will reward you with an extra 5% commission (doubling your commission payout!) for the entire quarter!


Sorority Partnerships

If you are in a sorority, please email us at campusambassadors@evryjewels.com if your sorority would like to partner with us.

Partnership opportunities include: 

- Popup shops
- Virtual events
- Event gifting (fundraisers, formals, etc)
- Bulk discount to order for your whole sorority
- Custom jewelry (for big/little, new members, existing members during rush)
& more!






For existing members only:

 Feel free to contact campusambassadors@evryjewels.com for more information.