Each Evry Jewels phone case is precious and should be treated with the same care as our jewelry. We use materials of the best quality to ensure a great experience for you. In order to keep your case looking cute, colorful and pristine, please follow our care instructions:

No contact with any alcohol (example: hand sanitizer)
Do not use your nails to scratch/rub the pattern on the case
Constant moisture or sweat from your hands may result in some peeling
Leaving your phone and exposing it to the sun can result in discoloration and peeling of the pattern
Any contact with liquids may result in damage to the case
If your case comes into contact with chlorine pool water or ocean water it will increase the chance of fading and peeling the pattern

Our cases will show normal signs of wear over time. Any contact with ANY liquid or alcohol will cause immediate damage to the case and could potentially ruin it. So, let’s keep our cases looking cute AF and avoid these things <3