Promise Rings

Promise Rings

With Valentine’s day around the corner, we thought we would inspire you with some amazing gift ideas to gift your loved ones. You want to spoil your lover or bestie, but you have no idea what to get them? We've got you covered! What about getting them a promise ring? Let me tell you why promise rings are a great idea for Valentine’s day, and at the same time guide you towards the best one for your special someone. 

A little bit of history about promise rings

Surprisingly, promise rings date back several hundred years. Keeping this tradition alive makes the meaning behind gifting promise rings even more special.

Dating back as far as the Victorian Era, some rings were found with words engraved in gemstones, and some were found with poems engraved on them around the 16th century in England. 

Especially in historical times, those promise rings were seen as a sign of loyalty and fidelity, since some lovers did not have the ability to be with each other for long periods of time due to long travels or wars. 

What is a promise ring and why should you get one ?

A promise ring is a promise made to each other. A promise of unconditional love that you want to show off to the world! It is a way to express your commitment to each other, your loyalty and fidelity through the gift of a ring. It is an eternal symbol of love. 

Imagine you are in a relationship with someone and you want to commemorate your love, you want to make your other half feel special, and find a way to show and express your love to each other in the most meaningful way. You are not ready yet to get engaged and married or maybe you don’t even believe in marriage, but you are so close to that next step in your relationship and you want to express that feeling with an action. This is where you make the decision to gift a promise ring. 

Just to make it clear, a promise ring is not a purity ring. A purity ring is a ring that can be worn without being in a relationship. It is a promise to yourself, but could also be to your partner if ever in a relationship, that you will abstain from any sexual activities until marriage. 

In addition, a promise ring is not only a gift that can be gifted to only your lover, but to your best friend as well! It is a beautiful meaningful gift to give to someone special in your life that you cherish and love. It represents the promise that no matter what happens, you got each other’s back. It’s a beautiful and rare kind of love that is being represented by a meaningful gesture.

Is there a specific style of promise rings and can men wear one too?

You can gift whatever style of ring you want and the price is to your discretion, it is up to you! A promise ring is a symbol, therefore it does not need to cost an arm and a leg. 

You can get matching rings as well, so you both have one, since both men and women can wear one. Personally I find that having a matching one with your partner makes it more fun. As if you are both connected through the jewellery. We have a few pretty amazing styles of matching rings that bind into each other. Promise rings for men have become extremely popular since many celebrity couples have been gifting and wearing promise rings, for example we have Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively, J.Lo & Ben Affleck, Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott and many more.

Blue & purple matching rings, thick and dainty rings    

What finger should you wear a promise ring on? 

It does not matter which finger the person decides to wear it on, it is the meaning behind it that matters, and that special connection that you will both share. Some people might want to wear it on their left hand finger, usually this is the finger you wear your wedding ring on, simply because there is a vein that runs directly through this finger to the heart. At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you. 

Not sure what ring to get and what style? We've got you covered! Here are the perfect ring sets to get for your special someone. 

Perfect examples of promise rings to gift your BFF(‘s):

We have the Best B*tch Ring set is the perfect gift to immortalize the two baddies in your friend group that will for sure take over the world and really represent what women empowerment means. 


The In Love Ring set is perfect for the two childhood best friends that have a special beautiful love/friendship and literally share everything together like two inseparable sisters.


The Flying Together Ring set was made for an unbreakable bond. For that friend you met during summer break and created unforgettable memories that you will cherish forever. 


Are you a group of 3 best friends or more? The XOXO Ring set is what you have been looking for. All different colors that will match every one's personality perfectly and create the perfect group best friend’s bond that will be remembered forever. 


Some examples of promise rings to gift your partner:

The You're Mine Forever ring set is perfect for our most romantic couples. It legit say’s mine forever and that is all that needs to be said. As a romantic girl myself, I would die to receive that type of gift from my partner.


The Piece of My Heart ring set fits in as well in that romantic category. A beautiful ring set that binds with one another, just as the love you share with each other.


For couples with big dreams and ambitions we have the Shine With Me ring set. Traveling the world together and crossing your bucket list plans one by one. One shooting star at a time, one dream at a time. 


And our favorite and most popular promise ring set for couples is ​​The Light of My LifeThis is the perfect ring set to offer your special someone. Already the name “The light of my life” says it all. It is cute and so unique, perfect for a power couple dynamic. Because nothing represents the power of love more than a bolt of thunder. 


No matter your situation, a promise ring is truly a beautiful symbol of love and whenever one is gifted one, it will make sure to make your person feel super special and appreciated. It is a promise made between two people. 
All of our ring sets come in both gold and silver colour.