The Beginning of Evrything


We are Britt and Jake, the dynamic duo behind Evry Jewels

Our passion for jewelry is deeply rooted in our blood as we come from a lineage of jewellers who have travelled the world for inspiration, and who have worked with talented craftspeople to create beautiful and unique pieces of art. Consider us the 4th generation jewelry designers in our family but with a twist: we are the first siblings!

Hey I’m Britt, you may recognize me from tik tok! I am a marketing fanatic and the designer behind Evry. Growing up, my dad inspired me to continue the family legacy but I wanted to take the business in a new direction. Thanks to my obsession with fashion and trends, I have been able to create a variety of pieces to cater to all styles. We have a wide range of classic staples that can be worn effortlessly on the daily as well as unique and trendy pieces that can be worn to spice up your look. What I love most is being able to collaborate and work hand in hand with social media influencers and our customers. Check out our collabs and community collab for more!

Hey I’m Jake a.k.a the wolf. I am the businessman behind the scenes. My day to day consists of negotiating with influencers for upcoming collaborations as well as keeping everything in check behind the scenes. They like to say that I’m the glue that keeps the team together. 

We are so fortunate to have amazing customers that believe in our brand. When we first started, we were working out of our parents basement. With hardwork and your support, our business has grown and we have now been able to move into a warehouse which we now call our second home!  

EVRY™ is for evryday + for evryone.

Britt and Jake